For Kids By Kids

Today we are proud to introduce Hyatt’s new children’s menu “For Kids By Kids”!  As the title would suggest, the menus were designed and taste tested by nearly a dozen kids ages 5-12.  As part of Hyatt’s Partnership for a Healthier America, the menu is designed to make the healthier choice, the easier choice.  Kids today have a more sophisticated palate, and these dishes are fun, fresh, and flavorful, using simple (not frozen) ingredients.

Flavors aside, For Kids By Kids also gives children the opportunity to have a culinary experience and stay entertained while they eat.  Hyatt’s new menus include interactive elements such as QR codes that lead to games and menu items that include some preparation such as salad shakers or build your own tacos.

Heading up the taste panel was 11-year old cooking enthusiast Haile Thomas, who is spearheading a campaign for kids to eat right through her Kids Can Cook website and Healthy Girls Adventure Club.  Haile says she had never seen a children’s menu that she likes, until now!  No more burgers and fries, instead, Hyatt is serving up fruits and veggies as side dishes with natural beef and fish.  There are also healthy takes on kid favorites such as whole wheat spaghetti with turkey meatballs and a sunbutter, jelly, and banana sandwich (PB&J).

Click here to see a copy of our new For Kids By Kids menus


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