Transformers 4 Filming

As reported by the Chicago Tribune, Transformers 4 was filming here in Chicago over the weekend.  McCormick Place Square, right next door to us, served as the set for an action sequence most of the day and into the early evening on Friday night.  Parts of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. were shut down and made to look like Hong Kong.  There were taxi cabs with Chinese writingparked along the street, the bus stop was made over into a newspaper stand, and advertisements for the “Hong Kong Opera” were strung up on the lamp posts.

Most of the day there were small explosions and many extras running and screaming down King Drive.  Some were looking and pointing upward.  What they were running from remains to be seen, but it was certainly leaving a path of destruction!  There were no sightings of Bumblebee, Optimus Prime, or any of the other Transformers vehicles all day, but we did catch many glimpses of director Michael Bay giving instructions through a megaphone and climbing in and out of a black van that appeared to be filled with an entire editing bay!

The biggest explosion of the day took place just as the sun was starting to set behind McCormick Place.  The small crowd of hotel guests and die hard fans had been watching all day as crews planted bombs, wrapped steel wires, and used a forklift to set two cars on top of gas tanks prepping them to flip over and explode.

Here are some pictures from the set as well:


Vehicles on set with Chinese writing


Aerial Shot of the Set

photo (2)

The cars set to flip and explode

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