Wedding Wednesday: Hot Food Trends

Picture24 You want your wedding day to be amazing and unique, just like you and your fiance!  Personal touches don’t have to limited to just decorations or favors.  Why not add personality and creativity to your food and drink?  It’s unexpected and will leave guests wowed and keep them talking!  Some fun new trends we offer are action stations and late night snacks.

No boring hors d’oeuvres table for guests to pick at here!  Instead, we can provide interactive culinary kiosks!  From pasta to carving stations, each menu item is served at a station featuring a chef preparing and combining components on site.  The chef can explain the elements of the dish and entertain your guests while providing them with their own personal preference dish of their own combination of sauces and ingredients.  The key is to personalize it!  Are you and your fiance huge brunch fans?  Why  not serve breakfast for dinner with an omelet station?  This trend provides a very unique and interactive experience for guests.

Fotor0911112140Another trend we have recognized is the need for late night snacks for those guests who have worked up an appetite dancing the night away!  It’s also great for guests who have had a bit too much to drink and need some munchies.  This will replenish them before they need to head home!  From sliders and fries to cookies & milk, the options are endless.  This is your chance to serve food that may be a little less formal, but every bit as yummy!  Again, the key here is to personalize this trend.  Are you throwing a big Chicago wedding?  Why not treat your out of town guests to some Chicago style hot dogs or pizza?  Maybe you and your fiance met at summer camp falling in love over campfire s’mores, why not feature this by serving them as your late night snack and let everyone know why.  Since everyone has their own favorite late night indulgence or comfort food, the options are endless: donuts, grilled cheese, chili, fried rice  & egg rolls, fried chicken, waffles, and more!

Let the Hyatt Regency McCormick Place help you plan your perfect day with just the right food and beverage touches!  Contact our Wedding Coordinator Stacy at 312.528.4168 or at, or click here to view her online wedding brochure.

You’re more than welcome at the Hyatt Regency McCormick Place, 2233 South Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, Chicago, Illinois 60616; +1 312 567 1234

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